I have known Susan for more than 20 years as a dedicated and knowledgeable NLP Trainer. Some years ago I heard that she was teaching one of the NLP modules, which was material, which I had developed. I showed up unannounced and stood at the back of the room as she was teaching (big surprise for her). When she realized I was there, she immediately welcomed me and invited me to teach with her. She is adaptable and knowledgeable and a great trainer. I highly recommend her.Rodger Bailey, MS of LAB Profile International
I knew you were a great trainer, but it took me coming to HCT to really appreciate what you did for me. I had an awesome set of beliefs, skills & behaviors of NLP to be able to jump into this and succeed.

I can’t say thank you enough. You’re the real friggin deal – thank you for that. You are without doubt a world-class NLP trainer.Joel Broyles

I recently attended an Interior Designer Mastermind Coaching seminar attended by various designers across the country. We had a forum full of individualized challenges that needed resolution. While others had to spend considerable time determining why they were stuck and how to get “unstuck” to move their businesses forward, I was was able to bypass what would have been hurdles for me and use the session to focus on planning my future business strategies.

Additionally, I was also able to help others move through some of their issues. Thanks, Susan for the NLP Practitioner training and I look forward to completing the Master’s class!Nicole Arnold, NA Interiors

I’m definitely glad I had that session. It really has done wonders for me. I had a couple setbacks Sunday and Monday and started to fall into my old habits. But after I remembered about my breathing and worked through some of the training again I feel like I can handle things much better. Thank you again for the tools you’ve given me. They’re already proving invaluable. R. Amiri Alexander
Self-discovery, personal growth and enlightenment are a lifelong pursuit…on-going and sometimes downright confronting and challenging. I want to send out a huge thank you to Susan A. Stageman of NLP Training Concepts, LLC. Susan has been a teacher, guide, mentor and friend for the last 18 years. I have taken all her trainings and I go back year after year to refresh, renew and continue to learn. I have a deep understanding of NLP that I am 100 percent sure I would not have gained elsewhere. She is a phenomenal life coach and each year when I’m goal setting, after I get it all written down, I go to Susan to help put in place the energy, strategies, insights and excitement to help bring forth what I want for the coming year. She is ethical, ecological and professional and she works with people of excellence from a multitude of professions and all walks of life. I’m definitely not the person I was 18 years ago…and I won’t be the me of today 18 years from now. And while that dates me quite a lot…I’m actually kind of beginning to enjoy the patina. Thank you, Susan. I so appreciate you.Danyle Duke
The Money Clinic has been one of the best investments I have made in myself and my business. The workshop created a real shift in my perspective about my potential and readiness for success. Without any purposeful change in my immediate behavior, my business grew by over 25% in the first 30 days following the workshop! I highly recommend the Money Clinic to anyone who wants to break through a plateau in their business.Teresa Pool, Professional Coach
I just wanted to let you know that the flow of money, available resources, and new opportunities since the money clinic are taking me on a fantastic ride. I’m thrilled with my new house, the people who have shown up to help at no charge, and the job offerings since July.Leslie Grace Baker
My work in NLP with Susan Stageman has given me a new framework for thinking. I see things from many additional perspectives. I can also go to the essence of matters very quickly, which I was rarely able to do in the past. This enables me to help people by asking great questions, which helps others reach their goals. Through my work and studies, I have grown from detailed positions in accounting and IT to become Director of Strategy a company and to be an effective member of the Board of Directors of two large financial institutions.David Goldstein
Just when I think I have it “all together,” I add one more thing and stuff seems to pop out all over. So I know what you mean. I say the breakdowns are just opportunities to have a breakthroughs.

Please know that I love and respect you. Both for who you are for others (the way you give them freedom to be themselves and the way you see the greatness in them) and for how fearless you in creating and growing your NLP business.Charlotte Hudgin

One of the absolutely most important skills you can master in your life is your communication. Susan has showed me a consistent step by step way of opening my life to new options and possibilities, with simply effective tools. The Masters Certification Program was extremely important in my self-discovery of who I am and who I am becoming. As part of my identity, when miraculous things happen in my life, I say “Of Course.” Since daily miracles are part of who I have become. Absolutely Amazing!Dale Hensel
Susan Teaches NLP as a clear and clean presenter of the information. She skillfully integrates knowledge and change-work into an amazingly subtle and powerful process. The Masters is absolutely essential for achieving what you want, by simply getting out of your own way.Dale Hensel
When I had Started the Masters, I had several events that set be back.

Susan and her amazing knowledge and skill set, allowed me to integrate new processes, skills, and a better crafted identity into the new situation. Taking my company from nothing, to being profitable, and going public in just over a year.Dale Hensel

I have known Susan since 2000, and have taken several trainings with her. I can vouch for her integrity, professional skills, and up-to-date knowledge of NLP, as well as her ability to mentor a wide variety of clients across many different occupations and life situations. Her continued success and the high regard of other NLP practitioners for Susan only reinforce my respect for her.”Bill Brandon
I just wanted to let you know that I did a reframe, as you suggested, with my Mom for her insomnia as well as a number of hypnotic language patterns through out the day. It helped a lot. Before, she wasn’t sleeping at all unless she took medication, but now after almost two weeks, there have only been a couple nights that she hasn’t slept well and she hasn’t taken any medication to help her sleep. I don’t think any of it was related to her retirement, she seems glad to be retired. However, I think talking about it made her more consciously aware of the benefits of it than she was before. I’m still surprised how asking the right questions can often affect people so profoundly.

Thanks for your advice.Morgan Jobe

Life-changing, and a tool to give the right direction to my brain. More confidence in my abilities to deal with and handle all situations.S.K., Marketing Professional
My company has just received confirmation of the largest single consulting contract in its sixteen-year history. I believe it is more than coincidental that this contract as landed after my completion of your NLP for Consultative Sales.K.R., Trainer and Consultant
When I first spoke to Susan about NLP, I was skeptical. I read several personal and professional self-improvement books and was wholly unimpressed. However, from the outset, my experience with NLP was terrific. What I found most intriguing is that NLP is about showing you how to be BETTER at what you already do! It helps make you conscious of unconscious behaviors and therefore, allows you to make more effective use of them. This is not some “secret technique” you have to study. It is a natural course of action aimed at becoming a more effective person, both personally and professionally. This was one of those rare experiences when I actually got more than I paid for.Allen Brown, Architect
I have been a public speaker/lecturer on a university level for 26 years. Have conducted seminars in conflict management….Susan Stageman is perhaps the best I have heard. Thoroughly enjoyed.Kay Maxwell, President/Maxwell Financial Services
I highly recommend Susan. She holds a Master Certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming as well as other certifications. She also holds a Master Degree in Library Sciences.

She is a true professional in the NLP field with about 15 years of experience. She doesn’t preach NLP but teaches it. She has several certifications and knows a lot about using NLP effectively to change lives.

As a matter of fact, some of her clients, who had been patients of psychologists and therapists, could not get out of the rut they were in.

In a short period of time, Susan enabled these clients to make significant changes in their lives.

She will not “beat around the bush,” so don’t expect any fluff. She’s straightforward, honest, and professional. As you get to know her, she uses life applications to illustrate the impact of NLP and how it works. She is so good that the majority of her clients come to her by word of mouth.

She gives personal consultations and classroom training. I have taken personal consultation and 2 NLP class trainings. I am currently assisting her in a NLP Practitioners Course.
Dean Malone, Sales Trainer

“I witnessed firsthand the explosion of deep learning with Susan helping us create our own NLP learning path based on our individual needs. Susan’s trainings include comprehensive theoretical foundations, best practices for developing NLP systems, and getting hands-on experience with NLP techniques. I’ve always put a premium on leadership and problem-solving qualities among my Mentors and Susan Stageman never failed to deliver on both fronts.”
Paul Shaw from Apexvision Tax and Accounting Solutions