Get ready for the new year! Everyone knows how to set goals. Do you know how to INSTALL them so they just happen!? No, it is not magical thinking or wishful thinking or visualization. There are certain ways to tell your mind that this is what I want.

What has to happen for your mind to understand what you want? Certain key factors must be met in order to have the right formula. And this is what you will be doing in this one day class:

Set your goals to align with certain key factors and then create the pattern of thinking that will manifest them. It isn’t magic but it sometimes seems that way.

  • Process successfully used in private coaching settings
  • Develop a outcome frame in all of the logical levels
  • Examine anything that would stop you in the areas of beliefs or behaviors and make appropriate changes
  • Install through TimeLine and Circle Process™
  • Make quantum leaps
  • Make reaching your goals possible and easy
  • Go for big ‘stuff’!
  • Use the power of NLP to remove any doubt for achievement
  • Put the power of a group into your goals – any work done in community is going to be acquired at an additional depth.

One person took this course at the end of 2015 and set a BIG goal of $300,000 in income (doubled from 2015) for the year of 2016. He made his goal by MARCH of 2016!