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THE ACADEMY OF BRAIN LANGUAGE: PRESENTATION NLP is a unique 10-day class. Unique in that the material in the class is new and created to help any individual with a Master Practitioner certificate to integrate your skills at a level that far surpasses the Master's level and allows you to open your awareness to an entirely new world of communication, creativity, and flexibility.

So, you say you don’t teach, coach, or train anyone?  Recall the last time you explained to a co-worker, partner, boss, employee, or client information of great relevance to have it drop into the vast black hole of their minds because you thought that just telling someone something is enough for them to remember and learn it.

Presenting information is not just giving people the data. It is structuring that information in a way that they will remember it and use it in the future. That takes art and skill. Learning something means that it will be used in the future. For that reason, you will find that this class is different from anything you’ve experienced in NLP so far.  It is not a rehash of previous material. It is NEW material and exercises to not only make you a confident, dynamic coach or presenter, but it also helps your students learn by the WAY you present something.

My outcome is to provide you with the most powerful skills to create, design, and deliver the most powerful programs, presentations, and training using the expansive model of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

In a world of training that falls short of teaching the skills that people need in the world, it is my pleasure to offer you the skills that will accelerate learning and knowledge integration to help you and your clients reach lofty heights of achievement. You will learn how to present your material and information in proven, effective ways that most people don’t use.

More importantly, you will understand the learning process to make your ability to teach your material in new and valuable ways for the betterment of you, your clients, and ultimately, mankind.

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Join the revolution in learning! The world needs competent teacherS.

Do you know how adults learn so they use what they are learning? This is one of the important skills you will learn in this 10-day class.  Whether you train, speak, teach, or coach, this program will help you with your skills and confidence in the front of the room AND will help you design training so that students will actually LEARN AND USE what you are teaching! Become more conscious of your NLP skills from advanced language patterns to anchoring.

Prerequisite: Practitioner and Master Practitioner with NLP Training Concepts or accredited Master Practitioner course.

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Here are some stellar reviews:

I’ve owned a training company that’s won 6 global awards for training and behavioral change.  I walked away with 6 pages of action items on ways that we are going to improve and level up our trainings.   Thank you, Susan!!!

Jason Forrest

Understanding people’s language patterns and how they process information has made my job so much easier. Through Susan’s teaching skills, and from the many wonderful people I have met in my NLP classes I have learned a number of life changing beliefs - "that anything is possible", "there is no such thing as control", "flexibility is a very useful skill to have" and many more… I would recommend Susan’s classes to anyone seeking to bring about positive changes to their lives, in relationships, money, career and spiritually.
Morag McCall, KPMG

The first weekend of the Masters paid for all of the time and money I’ve spent in NLP. WOW!
Kim Hall, CPA