NLP Training Concepts offers the best of all three generations of NLP and incorporates not only basic NLP skills but offers many additional processes from other esteemed NLP organizations, which are not offered in or taught in the other programs. NLP Training Concepts, LLC offers a variety of application programs in addition to full and complete certifications for both the Practitioner and Master levels.

There is a difference between quality NLP training and what professional trainers call “rubbish NLP.”  Low-cost NLP is short and has low skill. Professional NLP training will engage a student at many levels and help them develop the skills necessary to be successful.   Taking live training with an expert trainer is the preferred way to secure the skills in your behavior so they are automatic in your thinking and skill. The next preference would be a Zoom training with a certified instructor. You will understand NLP as a system of understanding human beings, not just technique and process.

NLP Training Concepts brings in outside trainers who train in their areas of expertise, such as Steve Andreas (Modeling Self Concept) and Mark Andreas (Core Transformation).

NLP Training Concepts is local to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and provides a community of support for other NLP students and a network of associations.

Susan Stageman as a part of an elite group of NLP trainers worldwide teaches NLP as a 12-month all-inclusive program, which is the most effective way of learning and integrating NLP so the skills are automatic.

Susan Stageman is a recognized expert on belief work (the only one in North Texas. She has studied with Richard Bandler and Christina Hall and Robert Dilts, the creative genius in NLP today, Robert McDonald and Tim Hallbom, all recognized for their pioneering work in finding and recoding unconscious and limiting beliefs. Belief work is a precise and intricate process that requires excellent calibration skills and knowledge of belief structure and neurological levels.

Susan Stageman is the founder of NLP Training Concepts, LLC. In her practice, she trains individuals and facilitates group sessions in Neuro-linguistic Programming. Susan also conducts classes in stress reduction, and identity work and is a Certified Challenge Course Instructor (Ropes). In addition to her classes at NLP Training Concepts, Susan has conducted classes on communication, language, and rapport at Southern Methodist University (SMU).

Her work experience includes Sandler Sales Institute, Dallas, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, et. al., ENSCO, Acuity Training Systems, Universal Health Care, Inc., Public seminars in Dallas and Ft. Worth, EDS, Fina Oil, GTE Directories, Arlington Chamber of Commerce, SunAmerica Securities, Inc., Cybertek, Inc., Delta Dallas Staffing, Bell Helicopter, Watson and Taylor Companies, Illinova (Illinois Power and Light), Slattery Sales Group (Minneapolis), Chase Manhattan Mortgage, The Waddill Group, Electronic Design (Minneapolis), Metrocall, Wells Fargo Bank, Pizza Hut, Microsoft, et. al.

She has a Master’s Degree with honors from the University of Michigan, and a B.S. Degree in Biology and Sociology with honors from Augustana College (Rock Island, Il.). She has worked in corporate management for a Fortune 100 company.

Associate Trainers: Steve Andreas, Rodger Bailey, Nick LeForce, Christina Hall, Robert McDonald, Marvin Sadovsky.

Vision Statement

To become the “benchmark” organization for personal development – supporting the achievement of both individual and professional goals, according to the unique requirements of our clients.

Mission Statement

NLP Training Concepts is committed to providing the highest quality learning opportunities for clients seeking personal and professional development. Our core value is committed to facilitating learning opportunities for participants to acquire or enhance the skills necessary to progress and develop within and beyond their potential.

Values and Definitions

Customer Satisfaction – listening, identifying needs, and finding solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients – resulting in positive feedback, and repeat and referral business.

Integrity – doing what’s right for everyone involved through honesty, fairness, and conscientious accountability.

Initiative – recognizing the opportunity to be creative innovative and proactive; then taking the first step to serving our client’s requirements.

Commitment – doing what we say we’ll do by following through and being loyal to our clients.

Teamwork – accepting responsibility by working together toward a common goal through mutual respect, trust, loyalty, open communication, and support of each other’s strengths.