In the Gold Mind ...

You will learn how to…..

  • Understand belief issues
  • Develop a clear outcome around money
  • Find and change limiting beliefs Develop FLOW for your new money consciousness
  • Develop new behaviors that will insure success with money

During this program:

• Uncover your unconscious limiting beliefs that sabotage you having the money you want

• Learn and use sure-fire methods for changing beliefs

• Learn how the major role of your mind plays in your financial success • Learn how beliefs are the key advantage that separate the 'haves' from the 'have-nots'

• Align your actions to enable and achieve your financial goals

• Learn what you think about money radically impacts your experience

• Learn and understand the culture of limiting money beliefs; “Money is hard to come by,” “Having money is not spiritual,” “Financial success is a struggle,” “Money is for other people.” etc., etc

• Do you have an unconscious ceiling on the amount of money you have?

• Learn the strategies to transform beliefs, values and perspectives, moving you to financial freedom

• Learn how to get truly clear about achieving or getting something and how that makes things come easily

. • Learn how lack of clarity make things difficult

• How being in alignment with your dreams will help you live abundantly

• Align your actions with your core purpose