Everyone talks about boundaries; almost no one tells you what they are, how to set them, what to do if someone violates them. This one day class is designed to help.

Setting strong boundaries will help you stand up for yourself, stop agreeing to do things you really don’t want to do, and start feeling less guilty about putting your own needs first. It’s a part of the process of defining yourself and what is acceptable to you. When you don’t have boundaries set other people will step over the line without even realizing where it is.

  • Discover specifics for what are boundaries and what behaviors indicate weak or strong boundaries
  • How do you break other people’s boundaries
  • First step in establishing boundaries
  • How to recognize when others are ignoring your boundaries
  • How do set them / what to do if someone violates them.

“Intimacy, play, and creativity require a loss of control. Only when we have boundaries and know we can trust ourselves to enforce them and take care of ourselves will we be able to let go enough to soar. These same activities help develop a sense of self, for it is through love, play, and creativity that we begin to understand who we are and become reassured we can trust ourselves. Having boundaries means having a self – strong, nurtured, healthy, and confident to let go – and come back again – intact.”