For people who are climbing the ladder of business and personal success and for people who want to make a difference in themselves and /or the world.

Four powerful reasons:

  1. Make the changes you want to make to start living the life you want to live!
  2. Build CONFIDENCE in yourself!
  3. Reduce conflicts, save time, have richer, happier, healthier relationships!
  4. Build customer loyalty

For managers of people and projects, salespeople, entrepreneurs, administrative assistants, teachers, health professionals, customer service agents, parents, true networking business people, those individuals who are seeking strategies to enhance their ability to improve their financial and personal performance, build stronger relationships. For someone who is good and wants to get better. A necessity for growth-oriented persons seeking an edge in the 21st Century!

Consider the following:

  • You want what you want in life faster and easier.
  • You are searching for peace and clarity of mind and to reduce or eliminate conflict.
  • You believe that understanding people will give you greater flexibility in dealing with others and help you get what you both want.
  • You feel stuck and don’t know how to change it.
  • You look for ways to improve your listening and communication skills.
  • You patiently listen to ideas, even when you don’t agree.
  • You want to make some changes in unwanted habits and behaviors.
  • You find yourself making the same choices over and over again and getting what you don’t want.

What types of results might you expect? You will learn how to:

This class will teach you how to

  • Artfully persuade co-workers, prospects, customers, friends and family members
  • Increase your income by selling to more types of people
  • Overcome call reluctance or change any negative emotion
  • Make lasting changes in behavior or habits
  • Listen to understand rather than to reply
  • Get focused and stay focused to get more done in less time
  • Instantly feel confident in situations
  • Resolve conflict, save time, have richer, happier, healthier relationships
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Manage Difficult people
  • Express yourself with clarity
  • Get unstuck and move forward
  • Stop feeling bad and start feeling powerful even in difficult situations
  • Set goals in a way that they will actually happen

For business and personal development.

When: see schedule for day of the week – evenings 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Your instructor for this exciting and educational 5 weeks is Susan Stageman, Master NLP Practitioner and Certified Trainer. For reservations or information call: 214/351-5433