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Introduction to NLP: NLP Basics (Building Powerful Relationships)

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2024; Location: Dallas, TX; Class size limited; Manual and recordings included

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Weekend 1 of Mastery In NLP for Practitioner and Master Level


Art and Skill of Presenting, Teaching, Training using NLP: Trainers Training

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2024     Pre-requisite: Master Practitioner NLP

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The Brain Language Group

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  • Coaching and change sessions, 2-hour minimum
  • Boundaries
  • Goal Setting: Bullseye
  • Attracting the ideal Client
  • NLP Introduction
  • Core Rapport
  • Money Beliefs



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In-Person (Dallas, TX) and Zoom for remote areas.

Includes both Practitioner Level and Masters Level; A 12-month weekend class that comprehensively covers both practitioner and master material. A $500 deposit holds your place.



Bullseye: Goal Setting Extravaganza

Bullseye was developed for a client who was concerned about changes in his ability to make money when his industry changed. It worked for him. It can work for you.

Be The Master of Your Destiny.  Being clear and having clearly defined goals that you have deeply embedded in your mind is the hedge against uncertain times.

Do your own private Bullseye. In-person or zoom



Students of NLP Training Concepts can join Mastery in NLP  - includes Practitioner and Master practitioner classes for a smaller fee.

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Susan Stageman
NLP Training Concepts

Re-Igniting Your Life: Going Forward Again. 

When we started our Covid journey in 2020, I wrote a blog STEPPING INTO A DIFFERENT RIVER, a reference to the saying by Greek philosopher Heraclitus, that you cannot step into the same river twice. With Covid, we did step into a different river. 2 ½ years later, it seems to many like we are still in an emotional whirlpool with no direction. The pandemic has subsided. (We are hopeful). People are getting on with their lives but hiding the directionless movements that make up their day. That undercurrent of uncertainty and lack of fulfillment is still there. Many people don’t want to go back to where they were (and can’t anyway) but have no direction going forward.

I remember the surge of adrenalin that prevailed in our actions and interactions. Trying to make the best of an unchartered situation, people put their heads down and prepared themselves, their families, and businesses for what we thought was going to be a manageable short-term situation.

Not so. As the wave of Covid infections dragged on, our enthusiasm waned and the long-term uncertainty that mimicked a war set in like the virus itself. We remodeled our homes, cleaned out closets, basements, storage lockers. We set up work at home amongst barking dogs, TV’s, and shrieking children. We binged watched thousands of hours of now-nameless, mediocre TV series. We sat outside on our front lawns and waved hi to the torrent of walkers. We ordered takeout from our favorite restaurants. We stocked up on toilet paper, frozen food, and canned vegetables. We cleaned and taught our kids as best we could and gained a wholesome appreciation for their teachers.  And yes, some of us even started to day-time drink beverages usually reserved for evening hours. Busy, busy to give our life purpose while waiting to come up for air.  Just when we came up for air, we get sucked down below the surface again in another wave of infections. Vaccines gave hope but not enough. Many people changed their lifestyle, their homes, their relationships. Some people retired. Some people locked themselves away from society, their families, their friends.  The negative effect on relationships has been almost as bad as the virus itself.

Studies have shown the effect of long-term uncertainty on individuals and societies can be almost as debilitating as a disease. Many of the effects of the pandemic and lock-downs are hidden and very subtle.  Here are some examples: hidden anxiety (hair pulling, nail-biting and picking, tongue chewing, and other compulsive, repetitive behaviors), sense of hopelessness, feeling lost, loss of motivation, grief, depression, weight gain, addictions, uncontrollable emotional outbursts, giving up, suicide. Need I say more?

As we begin to emerge from the swamp of the last 2 ½ years, many people are reassessing the choices they have made in their life and looking at resetting their life in more meaningful ways. Others seem lost and unable to get a foothold on their life, which seems to have been taken away from them without a viable platform to offer stability.  Maybe you have been thinking of retaking classes or trying out something new.  Regardless, any step in the direction of personal growth will help you gain insight and direction going forward.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in 35 years in the human potential business and teaching NLP, is that when you are stuck, DO SOMETHING! Any movement in any direction is movement. You can change directions with momentum. Many of my clients have repeated classes or taken a new class. It seems that learning something new is the key to opening the doorway to positive change.  People want motivation to move when, in fact, you need to move to get motivated. Think of riding a bicycle. To get started you have to get the bicycle moving. Then you pedal to keep it moving. In some respects, life is that way. Start moving, then the way becomes apparent.

Mastery in NLP, a year-long monthly class that features both practitioner and master practitioner concepts (a total reset!)

I feel comfortable offering the classes in person.

The Brain Language Podcast is free and can be found on many streaming platforms and the NLP Training Concepts website.

I would also like to know if there is anything that you would like as a training class. Please let me know.

Referrals are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Let me know how I can help you! Pick up the phone and call. Cell: 214-534-6429 or office 214-351-5433I

Susan Stageman, President, and Principal Master Trainer is Certified through the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming, the oldest certifying organization in NLP.  She has been teaching NLP skills to small business owners, project managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals since 1989.

NLP Training Concepts offers the MOST comprehensive NLP Certification training programs available today.  NLP is taught as a system for understanding the patterns of human success and helps clients acquire those patterns. These valuable skills for personal and professional development are taught in a way to guarantee the participant will use them naturally and with integrity.

"Thank you once again for a transformational coaching session today. It's exactly what I needed to pave the way to unlock the full potential for myself and my business as I prepare to launch my new book and community. Looking back on the last 18 months working with you, I only imagined achieving what I have in this short period of time. We had our first call while I was at the airport heading to a speaking event while in the middle of complete burnout. I was exhausted, disengaged and felt disempowered. You prepared me for that event, though I didn't want to do it so I could speak from a place of authenticity and service, even when I wasn't feeling at my best. Since then, my business has grown and I've written a book that is being published this Fall. Your ongoing support, transformational coaching and expertise have been invaluable to getting me here. Most of all, thank you for helping me learn how to accept and receive all the happiness, success and fulfillment I deserve. For that I will be forever grateful." Finka Jerkovic, Author of Selling From Love
I knew you were a great trainer, but it took me coming to HCT to really appreciate what you did for me. I had an awesome set of beliefs, skills & behaviors of NLP to be able to jump into this and succeed.Joel Broyles


Nothing But Net 2.0

Susan Stageman talks about why we really don't understand each other at the Altrusa Lunch on June 16th.

Listen to Dr. Michael Harris's interview with NLP Training Concepts, Susan Stageman.

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I'm definitely glad I had that session. It really has done wonders for me. I had a couple setbacks Sunday and Monday and started to fall into my old habits. But after I remembered about my breathing and worked through some of the training again I feel like I can handle things much better. Thank you again for the tools you've given me. They're already proving invaluable. R. Amiri Alexander
I recently attended an Interior Designer Mastermind Coaching seminar attended by various designers across the country. We had a forum full of individualized challenges that needed resolution. While others had to spend considerable time determining why they were stuck and how to get "unstuck" to move their businesses forward, I was was able to bypass what would have been hurdles for me and use the session to focus on planning my future business strategies. Additionally, I was also able to help others move through some of their issues. Thanks, Susan for the NLP Practitioner training and I look forward to completing the Master's class!Nicole Arnold, NA Interiors
I knew you were a great trainer, but it took me coming to HCT to really appreciate what you did for me. I had an awesome set of beliefs, skills & behaviors of NLP to be able to jump into this and succeed. I can't say thank you enough. You're the real friggin deal - thank you for that. You are without doubt a world-class NLP trainer.Joel Broyles
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Imagine the life you’ve always dreamed of living - a life rich with success and achievement, and a sense of fulfillment. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a state of the art set of communications methods for enhancing personal and professional development.

Thousands of people have used our scientifically based coaching programs and educational classes to realize their potential, achieve higher levels of personal effectiveness and self-mastery.

Susan Stageman founder of NLP Training Concepts, LLC, believes every person has the potential and ability to realize their dreams. Susan works with clients across the country to help them gain clarity on what they want in their lives, determine what they are willing to do to get it, and keeps them focused until they achieve it. She works with clients to design a specific plan of action and then using proven neuro-linguistic practices, guides, encourages and instructs them while they build confidence, improve skills and achieve goals. Her efforts have resulted in personal and professional success for both individual and corporate clients, including entrepreneurs, executives, and managers.

What you can do by learning and applying NLP principles:

relationshipRelationships and Communication: Get control of how you interact with people

  • Build deep trust and rapport with anyone you choose
  • Learn to create easier relationships and work situations
  • Learn true forgiveness and have the ability to let go for good
  • Make peace with yourself, family, physical characteristics
  • Deal effectively with difficult people
  • Understand true boundaries and learn to set them effectively
  • Conflict Resolution: Resolve conflict within yourself and with others
  • Learn new and powerful ways to communicate with others
  • Understand what motivates others and create win/win relationships

counting-moneyMoney and business: Get control of your business, career, money habits, customers

  • Learn language techniques to influence and persuade
  • Learn how to learn effectively any skill
  • Be a more effective, influential and powerful communicator as a manager, teacher, attorney, doctor, salesperson or business professional, or actor
  • Double to quadruple income
  • Overcome conflict in personal and business situations
  • Build trust and rapport with anyone
  • Get business and clients to make decisions faster and easier
  • Learn skills to maintain the lifestyle you want
  • Set achievable goals and outcomes and create with clarity


  • Hire the right person for the right job the first time
  • Understand how to use management skills to get the best out of your employees
  • Inspire employees to commit to their jobs
  • Work fewer hours and get more done
  • Enjoy your work
  • Understand why people leave when they do

Leadership Development:

  • Learn qualities of leadership and emulate those qualities
  • Learn how to lead yourself
  • Understand what others need in order to do their best
  • Bring the best out in people

Business communication:

  • Learn the words and language to inspire and motivate
  • Make sales easier
  • Say the right thing at the right time
  • Naturally understand others from diverse backgrounds


Personal Development: Get control of your life and personal habits

  • Remove phobias and the effects of traumatic adult and childhood experiences
  • Remove the emotions from abuse and physical injuries and trauma
  • Remove certain types of allergies
  • Have the ability to create a great day every day
  • Get rid of negative self talk
  • Effectively recode a limiting belief and replace it with an empowering belief
  • Resolve inner conflict
  • Reduce and maintain body size and acquire healthy eating habits and lifestyles
  • Be a happier, more alive person who enjoys and appreciates life
  • Change the effects of negative experiences and change them into learning experiences with positive upsides
  • Develop inner confidence and security
  • Be the person you dream of being and having the life you dream of having
  • Change your emotional state from negative ones to positive ones almost instantaneously
  • Learn how to run your own brain
  • Improve self image and self esteem
  • Resolve and heal old hurts and let go of the past
  • And so much more

Who is NLP for and who can benefit:

  • Parents, Teachers, Facilitators, and Trainers
  • Life Coaches, Therapists, Secular and Religious Counselors
  • Consultants, Directors, HR Professionals, and Managers
  • Lawyers, Mediators, and Negotiators
  • Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Professionals
  • Accountants, Analysts, Financial Planners, and Engineers
  • Government, Non-profit, and Private Sector Leaders and Professionals
  • Politicians, Lobbyists, and Diplomats
  • Public Speakers, Writers, and Journalists
  • Law Enforcement and Security Professionals