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December 8-12, 2020

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"A prime skill for any manager, coach, trainer, salesperson or business person is delivering precise messages which cause instant awareness and a desire for change when needed and necessary. The most powerful and effective business people deliver powerful and effective messages. NLP is a wonderful tool for creating precise, powerful, and effective messages. I recommend NLP training for any trainer, coach, salesperson, business owner or salesperson who wants to achieve mastery."      

The excellence of communication and language skills of the coach, manager, trainer, salesperson or small business owner is essential in initiating and maintaining the progress and performance of the others. The savvy business person knows how to communicate in a what that gets them what they want while maintaining win/win situations.

NLP (short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has been called the DNA of Excellence. The aim of learning NLP is to fully support people to realize their full potential, persuade and influence, easily reach achievable goals, perform tasks effectively, understand people, what motivates them and what they are capable of.   A person must first be the kind of person that possesses the resources and skills to achieve results before doing the actual steps intended to get the results.

NLP in Business: What this training will do:

NLP can be used to improve your business and increase your chances of success. Whether you are looking to boost morale in the work place or increase productivity, you will find that applying NLP techniques will benefit you greatly. NLP can be used in all areas of business including staff training, team building exercises and project management. In this article we will explain how NLP training can produce business success.

Inter-staff Communication and Soft Skills

NLP approaches communication on many levels. Employers worldwide already see the benefit of developing interpersonal skills with emotional intelligence training and soft skills. This includes use of powerful language patterns to EMPOWER.    It also includes training to make the most of the non-verbal sides of communication – how to fine-tune your senses and be more sensitive to others in order to achieve successful outcomes


NLP improves the manager as well as the individual employee. Manager learn to stay in tune with their staff and become aware of the way that managers are communicating.

  • Become aware of the assumptions being made
  • Make people feel more at ease, happier and more motivated.
  • Make people feel more valued and committed to their workplace and their colleagues.
  • Properly work out and communicate your vision for the business and its staff – positively affects Manage teams effectively
  • Motivate and inspire staff
  • morale and productivity


NLP can be used to deliver internal training and presentations

  • Reduce stress levels when speaking in public
  • Beware of the emotional state of the trainer and how it affects the state of the audience and their ability to understand.  The trainer can learn how to develop his/her optimum state and bring the audience with them.
  • Learn the specific way body language and spoken language to have a powerful effect on the audience and make a real impact

Improving personal effectiveness

  • Change long term unwanted behavior patterns
  • Respond to needs of staff members and customers
  • Personal relationships develop a meaningful dialog

Confidence and presence

  • Have greater confidence and presence
  • Maximize your ability to communicate more concisely
  • Identify and be clear about what matters to you
  • Create compelling goals
  • Master your emotions – remain calm under pressure
  • Stay focused and thorough at all times
  • Maximize your presence in  business situations
  • Remain self-assured in negotiations
  • Use language with greater precision
  • Articulate your ideas with pinpoint focus
  • Create compelling arguments
  • Get out of ruts quickly

Sales, Negotiation and Persuasion

  • Techniques taught in NLP will help salesperson recognize the structure of positive negotiations.
  • Shift clients to a state of agreement and approval. State awareness of yourself and others is central to closing a deal.

NLP (short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has been called the DNA of Excellence. The aim of learning NLP is to fully support people to realize their full potential, persuade and influence, easily reach achievable goals, perform tasks effectively, understand people, what motivates them and what they are capable of.   A person must first be the kind of person that possesses the resources and skills to achieve results before doing the actual steps intended to get the results. 

  • Planning successful strategies for business: greater insight and vision; identify achievable goals; plan future strategies for success.
  • Model successful businesses
  • Employee motivation and morale: identify and understand people, enhanced teamwork, develop self confidence
  • Increased productivity and profits: provide greater knowledge of jobs to make it easier to carry out their jobs; recognize successful procedures; more confidence in employees; employees become more productive, profits increase.
  • Give your company a competitive edge: give you inside into how people think and operate; give you advantage over your competition; predict competitors moves; stay one step ahead

The purpose of NLP Language and trust skills:

  • Setting frames and direction
  • Lead by excellence in communication
  • Understand how others think and feel to make your communication motivate and inspire
  • Become an expert on Backtracking and helping people take ideas into action
  • Gathering information in 8 different ways
  • Proven ways of discovering and changing strategies and beliefs
  • Recognize early when something isn't working to save time and money
  • Get people to listen to you
  • Develop your excellence to get what you want
  • Understand your listener's deeper motivation
  • Avoid the pitfalls of misunderstanding

NLP provides superior tools of communication, and self-management in the context of any experience.  The person with the tools and skills of NLP can expertly guide others to the answers she/he needs by developing the thinking patterns, language patterns, and behaviors necessary to achieve results.  The training provides participants with superb, elegant communication skills to allow anyone to be at the peak of their performance.

What you will get from this 5 day program:

All of the NLP based language and persuasion skills. These enhance influence and by-in regardless of whether it is an employee, client, patient, or prospect.

Included: Well-formed Outcomes, Rapport, Eye cues, Karkoff Listening Model, awareness skills, perceptual positions, boundaries, anchoring, calibration for phone, behavioral resources, submodalities (why people feel and act the way they do),  language, mental house cleaning, process oriented questioning, deletions, distortions and generalizations in language, permissive and indirect language, structure of time, how people sort for information , verbal reframes (sleight of mouth), beliefs, metaphors, planning, case working.

These skills will simplify your life, communication, and give you the competitive edge.

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NLP has shown to be a powerful tool for helping my coaching clients break through resistant belief barriers.  I find that once these clients have had even just a few NLP sessions, they move forward much faster towards their previously unachievable goals.

TJP, Performance Coach

NLP gave me the foundational belief system and structure I needed to grow a bigger life and a successful coaching business.

No other training has proven as valuable to me in terms of my personal/professional development.”

JO, PCC, CPBA, Executive Coach

Once upon a time, you did not know anything about NLP…..

Then, you learned to walk, and to explore.

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Here are some stellar reviews:

I’ve owned a training company that’s won 6 global awards for training and behavioral change.  I walked away with 6 pages of action items on ways that we are going to improve and level up our trainings.   Thank you, Susan!!!

Jason Forrest

Understanding people’s language patterns and how they process information has made my job so much easier. Through Susan’s teaching skills, and from the many wonderful people I have met in my NLP classes I have learned a number of life changing beliefs - "that anything is possible", "there is no such thing as control", "flexibility is a very useful skill to have" and many more… I would recommend Susan’s classes to anyone seeking to bring about positive changes to their lives, in relationships, money, career and spiritually.
Morag McCall, KPMG

The first weekend of the Masters paid for all of the time and money I’ve spent in NLP. WOW!
Kim Hall, CPA