What makes NLP Training Concepts, LLC unique and outstanding in NLP Training and personal change?

Susan Stageman, President and Principal Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner, is Certified through the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming, the oldest certifying organization in NLP. She is the founder of NLP Training Concepts, LLC. She has been teaching NLP since 1989.

NLP Training Concepts, LLC offers the MOST comprehensive NLP Certification training programs available today. NLP is taught as a system for understanding the patterns of human success and helps participants acquire those patterns.

NLP Training Concepts offers the best of all three generations of NLP and incorporates not only basic NLP skills but offers many additional processes from other esteemed NLP organizations, which are not offered in or taught in the other programs which offer only residential training, shorter programs or material from only one source of NLP.

NLP Training Concepts offers a variety of programs in addition to full and complete certifications at both the practitioner and masters level.

NLP Training Concepts brings in outside trainers who train their areas of expertise, such as Steve Andreas (Modeling Self Concept)

Susan Stageman offers 7 and 8 month certification programs, which are the most effective way of learning AND integrating NLP so the skills become automatic.

NLP Training Concepts is local and therefore provides a community of support of other NLP students and a network of associations.

Susan Stageman is a recognized expert on belief work (the only one in North Texas). She has studied not only with Richard Bandler and Christina Hall but with Robert Dilts, the creative genius in NLP today, Robert McDonald, and Tim Hallbom, all recognized for their pioneer work in finding and recoding unconscious and limiting beliefs. Belief work is a very precise and intricate process which requires excellent calibration skills and well and knowledge of belief structure and neurological levels.

Susan trains individuals and facilitates group sessions in Neuro-linguistic Programming. Susan also conducts classes in stress reduction, identity work and is a Certified Challenge Course Instructor (Ropes). In addition to her classes at NLP Training Concepts, Susan has also conducted classes on communication at Southern Methodist University (SMU).

Her work experience includes Sandler Sales Institute, Dallas, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, et. al., ENSCO, Acuity Training Systems, Universal Health Care, Inc., Public seminars in Dallas and Ft. Worth, EDS, Fina Oil, GTE Directories, Arlington Chamber of Commerce, SunAmerica Securities, Inc., Cybertek, Inc., Delta Dallas Staffing, Bell Helicopter, Watson and Taylor Companies, Illinova (Illinois Power and Light), Slattery Sales Group (Minneapolis), Chase Manhattan Mortgage, The Waddill Group, Electronic Design (Minneapolis), Metrocall, Wells Fargo Bank, Pizza Hut, Microsoft, et. al.

She has a Masters Degree with honors from the University of Michigan, a B.S. Degree in Biology and Sociology with honors from Augustana College (Rock Island, Il.). She has worked in corporate management for a Fortune 100 company.

Associate Trainers: Steve Andreas, Rodger Bailey, Nick LeForce, Christina Hall, Robert McDonald, Marvin Sadovsky.