The Purpose of THE BRAIN LANGUAGE PODCAST is to introduce NLP concepts that will enhance and enrich your business and personal life. Regardless of where you are in your journey, you can acquire and access the knowledge that will help to get you from where you are to where you want to be. We seek to deliver golden nuggets of NLP knowledge that you can use to get to the next level. You can get the best and most useful tools that NLP has to offer in bite-size pieces from our show!


Susan Stageman
NLP Training Concepts

Unique and Outstanding Training

Susan Stageman, President and Principal Trainer, is Certified through the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming, the oldest certifying organization in NLP. She has been teaching NLP skills to small business owners, project managers, entrepreneurs and professionals since 1989.

NLP Training Concepts offers the MOST comprehensive NLP Certification training programs available today. NLP is taught as a system for understanding the patterns of human success and helps clients acquire those patterns. These valuable skills for personal and professional development are taught in a way to guarantee the participant will use them naturally and with integrity.

I knew you were a great trainer, but it took me coming to HCT to really appreciate what you did for me. I had an awesome set of beliefs, skills & behaviors of NLP to be able to jump into this and succeed.Joel Broyles