Coaching and Changework Sessions

Everybody wants to make changes and wants those changes NOW! Well, with Susan Stageman working with you, It may seem like you have a magic wand!

Reach peak performance levels by working through time with Susan Stageman, Master Certified Trainer, and Coach, to navigate your way to heights of success in any area of life. What would you like to do? Write a book, start a business, deal with problem people, learn the best way to phrase your communication, get a promotion, get a great job, develop interview skills, change a phobia, set achievable goals. The list goes on and on.

NLP added to coaching creates rapid results. NLP is the key to helping people make the changes they want to make and making them faster and ecologically. Talk to Susan today and discuss the possibilities.

A two-hour session is $340. Packages are available:

  • 6 hours @ $165/hour
  • 10 hours @ $155/hour
  • 16 hours @ $150/hour

NLP Training Opportunities

Become a wizard in communication and change management!

Ever wonder why some people are so good at something? Some people are so great at communicating? Some people are so good at getting what they want?

It is no secret. They know how to make changes, think, and communicate in ways that most people don’t. They already have the superb skills that you can learn in NLP training. Yes, that is where NLP came from… studying highly effective people and what they do. Now you can learn those skills and MORE in a unique package of skills. MASTERY IN NLP gives you both Practitioner and Master Practitioner. This year-long, comprehensive program features all the skills and processes necessary to make any change or communicate like a pro. Taught by a Master with over 30 years of experience.

Now is the time to create the life you want.

$5995 for the whole year, inclusive of practitioner and masters. Manual and recordings included. Installment plans available. Early bird pricing.

See class listings for more information and start dates.

Accelerated Mastery Program

Tired of wasting time? Wondering how to “up” your game? Find yourself on the “wrong track?” Wondering how to make the big leaps in your career? Get on the fast track!

The Accelerated Mastery Program was designed for those individuals who want the best, the complete package – coaching and training together!

12 months of training plus 12 months of coaching together!

Includes Mastery in NLP and coaching/training sessions. You can use the coaching to review and practice what you are learning or develop and design your strategies for success.

Training 12 months. Includes manuals and recordings

Coaching and review sessions up to 4 flex hours per month. $12,000 for the year.