Create for yourself an NLP Coaching Practice to work with individual clients.
As many people find out that taking the next step with your NLP skills to work with an actual client and build a practice is a BIG STEP. Often times it is knowledge and feedback that one needs to bridge that gap. This is the purpose of the NLP Internship Coaching Program. You will receive the additional training and feedback you need with this program to make the transition from a practitioner to a NLP coach. This program is for face-to-face sessions.

Learning NLP and then applying it in a coaching practice takes the following:
Skills – Learned in your NLP Practitioner Certification and Master Certification
Application – how to work with a client
Building a business – how to get clients

The NLP Training Concepts Intern Coaching program teaches you how to build your business and then how to apply your skills in a coaching situation.

To enroll in The Intern Coaching Program you must have at least NLP Practitioner Certification from an accredited NLP school.

There are two levels:
Practitioner Level and Master Practitioner Level

Practitioner Level: knowledge of skills and processes:

  • Rapport
  • calibration
  • predicates
  • reframing
  • language and meta modelling skills
  • anchoring (both kinesthetic and spatial)
  • Alignment of Neurological Levels
  • Counter Example Process
  • Trauma and Phobia release
  • Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Swishes
  • Understand submodalities
  • Conflict Resolution

Master Practitioner additional skills:

  • Meta Programs
  • Isomorphic Metaphor construction
  • Ericksonian Language Patterns
  • Belief elicitation and change
  • Conflict of Identities and Beliefs
  • Sleight of Mouth Patterns

The initial commitment is 6 months.
A person must be able to devote at least ½ hour per week for 6 months.
There will be some class time devoted to learning how to build a business and group.