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It’s time to take
That big step that will create a quantum leap…..

In your Business…
With your relationships…
In your Life…

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$ 4495. 00 ($500 Deposit)

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Once upon a time, you did not know anything about NLP…..

Then, you learned to walk, and to explore.

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NLP Mastery in NLP March 2021

This class meets once a month on the following dates:

Dates 2021-2022


Now it is time to Dance. Run. Surf. Hike. Ski. Climb.
Everything that is possible because you know how to walk.

NLP Leadership Mastery in NLP Training

Artistry is not a technique

To become more artful and discerning with the abilities you need to deepen your awareness – both of what you already know and how it connects to new organizing principles, and perceptions. This program will take your professional and personal evolution to new levels of artistry, specificity and subtlety through who you are and who you want to become.

Do you know how the brain makes changes and learns skills? I do. It makes changes and learns skills through repetition and wiring neurons together. If you feel that you have lost some of your practitioner skill, it is because you have not integrated the skills of the practitioner level at a sufficient level to create long term memory. The Mastery course will enable you to deepen your practitioner skill in artistry.

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Here are some stellar reviews:

The Masters from NLP Training Concepts helped me take the basic skills I learned and move my communication skills personally and professionally into a whole new level of expertise. The Masters classes provide the extra refinement to really leverage the NLP power."

Gretchen Weber

Understanding people’s language patterns and how they process information has made my job so much easier. Through Susan’s teaching skills, and from the many wonderful people I have met in my NLP classes I have learned a number of life changing beliefs - "that anything is possible", "there is no such thing as control", "flexibility is a very useful skill to have" and many more… I would recommend Susan’s classes to anyone seeking to bring about positive changes to their lives, in relationships, money, career and spiritually.
Morag McCall, KPMG

The first weekend of the Masters paid for all of the time and money I’ve spent in NLP. WOW!
Kim Hall, CPA