A unique approach to meditation and NLP combined in a powerful 2-day program.  Processes for de-stressing and NLP changework! WE NEED THESE SKILLS MORE THAN EVER!

What could you accomplish if you were trained and could naturally use the mental techniques that millions of people use around the world to stay balanced, manifest their desires, develop spiritually and have a general feeling of well-being?

Now is your opportunity to experience a unique class that combines the knowledge and wisdom of both western 21st Century mental strategies and age-old eastern techniques for balance and spiritual growth.

This outstanding 2-day class features processes to enhance intuition, spiritual growth, and mental techniques to control one’s mind and body.  It balances all four bodies: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Learn techniques for use individually and daily.

  • Reduce cortisol levels so you can lose weight and have a strong immune system.
  • Be more creative, productive, and intuitive.
  • Solve problems easily.
  • Be happier and more fulfilled.
  • Have a more positive outlook.
  • Have more fun.
  • Feel safer.

Here is what people have said about the class:


Loved how the class put Silva and NLP together to give us real-life practical applications.

We got to practice and the teacher was great!

The class was easy to follow, integrated NLP concepts, and hands-on practicing.


Deep Relaxation—help reduce cortisol, enhance well-being and physical health
Cycle training—cycles of medication for alpha learning and ease of use of each process
Affirmations— universal affirmations at deep levels of mind
Lucid dreaming - Dream programming
Sending Love for spiritual healing— heal relationships at a higher level
Distant healing – Send healing energy— Spiritual healing takes place
Sending energy back— rid yourself of unnecessary negative energy
Cutting binds and attachments
Clean your mental house
Projection beyond— learn to project beyond what is known—an intuition enhancing process
Healing pain and other health issues
Use of color—color adds another dimension of medication to deeper each process
Submodality meditation beyond self-awareness, Timeline, reframing—using NLP processes as meditation
Solving problems and manifesting
Generate joy, change habits, and create success using mental success patterns
Find lost items
Develop intuition