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Master Communicator Review class$995.00

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December 8-12, 2020

Course Price:$995.00
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Once upon a time, you did not know anything about NLP…..

Then, you learned to walk, and to explore.

Now is the Time

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Here are some stellar reviews:

I’ve owned a training company that’s won 6 global awards for training and behavioral change.  I walked away with 6 pages of action items on ways that we are going to improve and level up our trainings.   Thank you, Susan!!!

Jason Forrest

Understanding people’s language patterns and how they process information has made my job so much easier. Through Susan’s teaching skills, and from the many wonderful people I have met in my NLP classes I have learned a number of life changing beliefs - "that anything is possible", "there is no such thing as control", "flexibility is a very useful skill to have" and many more… I would recommend Susan’s classes to anyone seeking to bring about positive changes to their lives, in relationships, money, career and spiritually.
Morag McCall, KPMG

The first weekend of the Masters paid for all of the time and money I’ve spent in NLP. WOW!
Kim Hall, CPA