Debunking the Body Language Myth

Well, I’ve had enough! The Body Language Experts are coming out of the woodwork.  They are blogging; they are on TV, they are giving talks.  And there are still more people out there who are pretending to be body language experts.  There is no end to the misinformation about body language in the media these days.  So much so that … Read More

Keeping a cool head when things heat up

Stress runs so high today in our work places and our social environments that it takes a lot of energy to maintain a cool head.  A cool head can be defined as self-control or state management.  There are two outstanding characteristics that are the hallmark of successful people.  One is that they are focused on what they want and their … Read More

For Overwhelm, Chunk Down

This time of year can be very exciting, fun and stressful.  The anticipation of travel, seeing friends and family, holiday parties, looking forward to the New Year adds stressors to already crammed schedules and demands of business.  Before we know it our head is spinning with a blur of ‘to-do’s’.  The resulting feeling is called OVERWHELM.  One of the easiest … Read More