The Law of Attration

The law of attraction And The Law of Attraction worksboth ways! by Victor Rozek Used with permission As far as I can tell, from experience and observation, there are two primary ways for honest people to achieve their aspirations: They can create them, or they can attract them. We all understand the first method–working hard,head down, shoulders slumped, fingers pounding … Read More

When the Going Gets Tough

When the Going Gets Tough, the Successful Do Something that doesn’t make Sense: When doing something counter intuitive makes sense I have noticed interesting phenomenon for people who recreate success over and over. Three things: Finding out what else works Doing things that don’t make sense at the time Use systemic thinking and strategies Find out what else works The … Read More

Changing Your Brain to get results

ChangingYour Brain to get results The other day one of my clients was talking about how her husband was struggling with some issues that he could not seem to get his mind wrapped around. She did not know whether NLPcould help him. Out of this came the following: There are some similarities between our brain and the computer. In fact, … Read More