Systemic Change: Why it works and why so many change processes dont’ work

A recent  conversation with a friend of mine brought e  soldification of an idea that has been rolling around in my mind:  Sytemic Change.  Systemic process is an idea that seems to be lost on the general culture.  Lack of systems thinkinng and  process is everywhere. I talk about it in my classes.  NLP embodies systemic change: or at least it did.  … Read More

Making Futures Real: Walt Disney’s Strategy

Using NLP Genius Strategies—applying NLP for creating unstoppable outcomes Don’t You Want to Learn How to Use Advanced NLP to Create a Compelling Future? How often have you thought… “One of these days I’m going to…” “Gee, I wish I could…” “I know what I would really want to do, but…” “I have a great idea only I can’t…” “My … Read More

Language as Support or Barrier to Success

Humans are like fish in water when it comes to language.We think in words, we talk in words, we listen to words. Words are all around us, in us. We use words to express our joy, anger, fear, happiness, grief, frustration and annoyances. Yet because we are like fish in water, we are not aware of how words affect us; … Read More