As the World Turns…

…anxiety keeps rising! A person may not feel it. They may find themselves doing odd things like picking their skin around their fingers, doing other repetitive behaviors, doing avoidance behaviors, or becoming obsessive about cleanliness or organization. Feeling out of control of events is one of the main reasons.

When we live in a stressful situation for long enough, we develop the characteristics of chronic stress – weight gain, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, broken relationships, boundary issues, uncontrolled anger or depression, and a depressed immune system that leave us vulnerable to diseases, and an undercurrent of anxiety.

Your body under chronic stress produces glucocorticoids, a hormone that depresses the immune system. Doctors give transplant patients glucocorticoids to turn off the immune system to avoid tissue rejection. We live today with glucocorticoid levels off the chart.  

Dealing with anxiety and trying to control the subsequent fallout from it, takes a LOT of ENERGY.

Maybe you think that life was a lot easier in the past. In today’s world, we are continually bombarded with stray meteorites (or sometimes feel like asteroids) of disturbing news and conflict. There seems to be a disaster du jour. We feel a little relief because a situation seems to have resolved itself only to be replaced by another challenge. The one characteristic of any of these situations is that we have NO CONTROL over them.

As for running comparisons of the past, every generation has had its challenges. About the only time, I can think that wasn’t fraught with nerve-racking problems was after WWII. During the early 1960s, President Kennedy lived a life of glamour and power that was unprecedented in American politics — a brief moment in time now remembered as “Camelot.” Actually, it was a myth, but we, the public, weren’t aware of it. People were persecuted for their beliefs to the point that they desperately sailed across the Atlantic ocean in boats that had 58 feet by 24 feet of living space for all 102 people! World history has many examples of the migration of people for all kinds of reasons: weather, persecution, war, etc. This is not new to our time. There were 2 generations in the U.S. that went through world wars. Then the Vietnam war triggered mass demonstrations across the U.S. And the story goes on and on. War, for the most part, created huge hardship for people worldwide from ancient times on.

Then there were diseases. The first antibiotic was invented in 1928. Before that, infections were untreatable except with soap and water. Speaking of water, John Snow conducted pioneering investigations on cholera epidemics in England and particularly in London in 1854 in which he demonstrated that contaminated water was the key source of the epidemics. If you want to know the history of medicine, read THE BODY: a guide for occupants, by Bill Bryson. It is a wonder that anyone survived. The life expectancy was around 35 although the ancients had a much higher life expectancy. Life for the most part in most of the world is hard. The U.S. and many Western countries enjoy a lifestyle not imagined in other areas of the world.

When we are so stressed with things we cannot control, we have less energy to create the life we want. My point in all of this is our perception of situations, people, and events cause stress, not the events, etc. themselves.

When you compare your life to what you think it ought to be, it can be stressful; when you compare your life with someone who is not as fortunate or with the progress you’ve made, you can be grateful.

Here are 16 suggestions to get you started:

  1. The MindMasters course, based on years of mind-brain research, is designed to help people get control
  2. Breathe deeply
  3. Spend time in nature and exercise
  4. Make written goals
  5. Take a DO-NOTHING-DAY
  6. Read motivational literature
  7. Listen to inspirational music
  8. Clean out your house, office, car
  9. Eat healthy food (you know, what is ever left after you take out the sugar, fat, additives, and preservatives)
  10. Get a health check-up
  11. Drink lots of pure water
  12. Avoid drugs, alcohol, soda, tobacco
  13. Avoid the news in any form.
  14. Stay off social media: a huge time and energy suck.
  15. Read
  16. Be grateful
  17. Find the positive in people and events

The MindMasters: Mental Power Training is designed to help individuals relax and get control of what happens between their ears and therefore, what happens in their life. It is easy and fun. Learn how to use the brain waves to create and manifest, eliminate stress, empower yourself, and truly let go of the things you cannot control.

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