Re-Igniting Your Life: Going Forward Again

When we started our Covid journey in 2020, I wrote a blog STEPPING INTO A DIFFERENT RIVER, a reference to the saying by Greek philosopher Heraclitus, that you cannot step into the same river twice. With Covid, we did step into a different river. 2 ½ years later, it seems to many like we are still in an emotional whirlpool with no direction. The pandemic has subsided. (We are hopeful). People are getting on with their lives but hiding the directionless movements that make up their day. That undercurrent of uncertainty and lack of fulfillment is still there. Many people don’t want to go back to where they were (and can’t anyway) but have no direction going forward.I remember the surge of adrenalin that prevailed in our actions and interactions. Trying to make the best of an unchartered situation, people put their heads down and prepared themselves, their families, and businesses for what we thought was going to be a manageable short-term situation. It is that same ingenuity that will get you started again.

As the wave of Covid infections dragged on, our enthusiasm waned and the long-term uncertainty that mimicked a war set in like the virus itself. We remodeled our homes and cleaned out closets, basements, and storage lockers. We set up work at home amongst barking dogs, TVs, and shrieking children. We binged-watched thousands of hours of now-nameless, mediocre TV series. We sat outside on our front lawns and waved hi to the torrent of walkers. We ordered takeout from our favorite restaurants. We stocked up on toilet paper, frozen food, and canned vegetables. We cleaned and taught our kids as best we could and gained a wholesome appreciation for their teachers.  And yes, some of us even started to day-time drink beverages usually reserved for evening hours. Busy, busy to give our life purpose while waiting to come up for air.  Just when we came up for air, we get sucked down below the surface again in another wave of infections. Vaccines gave hope but not enough. Many people changed their lifestyle, their homes, and their relationships. Some people retired. Some people locked themselves away from society, their families, and their friends.  The negative effect on relationships has been almost as bad as the virus itself.

Studies have shown the effect of long-term uncertainty on individuals and societies can be almost as debilitating as a disease. Many of the effects of the pandemic and lock-downs are hidden and very subtle.  Here are some examples: hidden anxiety (hair pulling, nail-biting and picking, tongue chewing, and other compulsive, repetitive behaviors), sense of hopelessness, feeling lost, loss of motivation, grief, depression, weight gain, addictions, uncontrollable emotional outbursts, giving up, suicide. Need I say more?

As we begin to emerge from the swamp of the last 2 ½ years, many people are reassessing the choices they have made in their life and looking at resetting their life in more meaningful ways. Others seem lost and unable to get a foothold in their life, which seems to have been taken away from them without a viable platform to offer stability.  Maybe you have been thinking of retaking classes or trying out something new.  Regardless, any step in the direction of personal growth will help you gain insight and direction going forward.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in 35 years in the human potential business and teaching NLP, is that when you are stuck, DO SOMETHING! Any movement in any direction is movement. You can change directions with momentum. Many of my clients have repeated classes or taken a new class. It seems that learning something new is the key to opening the doorway to positive change.  People want motivation to move when, in fact, you need to move to get motivated. Think of riding a bicycle. To get started you have to get the bicycle moving. Then you pedal to keep it moving. In some respects, life is that way. Start moving, then the way becomes apparent.

To help people get moving again I’m offering 3 classes this year. MindMasters: a mind-training course (this 2-day class will launch you into orbit again); the Art and Skill of Presenting using NLP (for Master Practitioners) and Mastery in NLP, a year-long monthly class that features both practitioner and master practitioner concepts (a total reset!)

I feel comfortable offering these classes listed below in person. They will be at the Holiday Inn Express on Connector Drive or a nearby hotel. MindMasters and Mastery in NLP will also be offered on Zoom for people outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

The Brain Language Podcast is free and can be found on many streaming platforms and the NLP Training Concepts website.

I would also like to know if there is anything that you would like as a training class. Please let me know.

Referrals are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

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