How Core Transformation Helped Me

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I took Core Transformation in Houston in the ’90s. It was a little different from many NLP classes and surprisingly effective. It reminds me of a very deep reframe. It is relaxing and life-changing as well. It took me to a deep place to help me overcome helplessness, something I’d suffered with for many years. I had a profound shift from helpless to feeling in control for the first time in my life.

Since then I’ve used Core Transformation effectively for my self as well as clients. It is a purposeful process that helps anyone, even those with no NLP experience.

What others have said:

“My issue had to do with feeling unworthy. And I expected at the end to feel worthy… but instead, when I got to my core state, I didn’t feel worthy, neither did I feel unworthy. It was like the whole concept of being/feeling (un)worthy did not exist to me anymore. I was just being…that felt sooo good.” Frank K, Belgium

“Since I did [Core Transformation] I am not the same person. I look at the world around me in a different way, having a Core state as a basis of my perception of everything around. There is no more fear, just appreciation for all the wonders of life.” Training Participant

“The seminar was incredible for me in that [when I went back home dealing my mother] I felt a deep calmness and ability to let things go, where I would have made an issue with it before. My mother is very controlling and is constantly giving orders. I came through that experience with a perspective that allowed her to be ‘herself’ and me to do what I needed to do for me.” Training Participant

What Core Transformation is about

Based on the pioneering work of Connirae Andreas, Core Transformation is a breakthrough personal change process in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychology, and spirituality.

Specific changes attributed to the Core Transformation process include:

  • Career advances.
  • Mending relationships.
  • Stopping smoking, nail-biting and other habits.
  • Changing “problem” emotions and behaviors.
  • Weight loss.
  • Anger management.
  • Overcoming depression.
  • Addressing trauma and abuse
  • Dealing with everyday stresses, emotions, and behaviors
  • …and improving all aspects of health.

Unlike many self-help methods, Core Transformation is

  • It’s a natural, easy process that connects us with our core self to facilitate lasting change.
  • It not about will-power, discipline, or positive thinking.
  • It helps us to respect ourselves more fully,
  •  It helps us to move beyond inner conflict and inner struggle to experience alignment with our deepest self.
  • Core Transformation leads people to experience states like “Being,” “Inner Peace,” “Love,” or “Oneness.”
  • Surprisingly simple, experiencing this process feels like a long overdue kindness to yourself.

In the 2-day training, you’ll learn the steps to melt away, dissolve and unravel limitations, and even deeply-entrenched problems. These states become your new foundation for living

You will be guided through each step of the process by Mark Andreas

What Benefits Will I Experience from this Training?

The Core Transformation Workshop meets the deepest strivings of our times to heal ourselves and develop as human beings, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

  • This simple process offers a graceful way to change unwanted thoughts, feelings and habits, and achieve goals you thought unattainable.
  • Imagine your most difficult problems actually having a positive aspect, something through which to learn, grow, and transform.
  • Core Transformation works from the inside out to change unwanted behaviors, feelings and responses.
  • The process can help us to find an underlying sense of well-being, even when life is at its worst — like a calm harbor surrounded by a stormy sea.
  • It is an experience of transforming rather than suppressing our most hated quirks and foibles, our worst faults and least-liked behaviors, by allowing them to become our strongest allies.

In the training, you’ll realize that even self-defeating behaviors may have been useful when we originally learned them. Core Transformation gently guides you in discovering those positive intentions, leading to an experience of understanding, where awareness and change occur naturally.

These amazingly simple techniques can take us immediately into more satisfying relationships and deeply profound inner states, like peace.

You might ask, how is it that one technique could be responsible for helping people achieve results in so many different areas of life? Through Core Transformation you find that your limitations are instead doorways toward resolution.

With Core Transformation, the change comes from within you, not from anybody else.

Is the Core Transformation process a quick fix? Yes and no. It offers immediate results, plus techniques you can use for the rest of your life as you learn and grow. For the depth of experience and change one can experience, it is very quick indeed. However, many people report that using the process repeatedly they receive more depth and integration of their Core States into everyday life.

How You’ll Learn

Mark will lay the groundwork for a safe learning environment so that you have the opportunity to experience the process fully. Then he’ll demonstrate the process for you, with one participant; observation of the steps will make it easy for you to do the process yourself. You will receive a training manual that includes a clear, step-by-step script to guide and be guided by a partner. Experienced coaches will be available in the event that you want some individual assistance at any point along the way. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions in the discussion afterward. Some of the discussion may be in small coach-facilitated groups so that everyone gets a chance to speak and receive input in a more personal and intimate environment.

This training is the best way to develop the skill to use Core Transformation with clients, as well as for your personal use. And more than with other techniques, having direct experience of this method seems to be important to congruently lead others to experiencing their deep inner core.

All remotely online!