Well-formed or Achievable Outcome questions

  1. What do you want?




  1. What will that do for you?




  1. What stops or prevents you from getting what you want?

  1. When, where, what, with whom do you want it?  Not want it?


  1. Do you want this in other situations?


  1. How will you know when you have what you want?  What will you see (look like), hear (sound like, tell yourself) and feel (where is the feeling in your body) when you get what you want?  (internal)


  1. What will be a demonstration of it?  (external)



  1. Is it representative of who and what you want to be?


  1. What will happen when you get what you want?


  1. How will this impact significant others?


  1. Is it something that you can initiate and maintain yourself?  (If ‘yes’, go to next question.). If ‘no’ ask, “If you want someone else to change, what would having others make the change do for you”?


  1. Is it really OK with you that you get what you want?



  1. Does it fit into your life as a whole?


  1. When you get what you want, will you stand to lose anything?




  1. What will you stand to gain by getting what you want?




  1. What is your first step?