NLP Holiday Management Toolkit

Listen to Podcast #26 to hear James and Susan talk about how to make your holidays the best ever!

Toolkit Checklist:

  1. Create an achievable outcome for the type of experience you want to experience this holiday season. You can do this for yourself or your involve your family
  2. Stop living from what you think is expected of you. Do what you want to do
  3. Use “my rules for me, your rules for you.”
  4. Set Boundaries
  5. Take time for yourself: have a spa day, have your nails done, play basketball with the guys, Take a day trip out to an area lake; pack a picnic
  6. Say no to parties you don’t want to go to
  7. Use perceptual position skills to reduce conflict and improve compassion and understanding
  8. Be Thankful
  9. Meditate
  10. Cut back on large parties. Keep gatherings small and intimate
  11. Eat well and keep alcohol drinks to a minimum.
  12. Stop giving gifts and sending cards: do these at other times of the year when it isn’t so hectic.
  13. If you give gifts, make it easy: gift cards, reduce the gift list, buy experiences for people (eat out, a salon visit. movie tickets; buy online, have the gift wrapped and sent directly to them.
  14. Spend time with people you want to be with
  15. Stay away from Malls and Shopping centers and stores at peak times and weekends.
  16. Get help. Hire people to clean your house, Have your party catered or have someone work in the kitchen for your party
  17. Plan enjoyable activities and fun things
  18. Eat out or order food in
  19. Avoid negative people
  20. Get rest and sleep
  21. Spend less time on the computer, social media or phone
  22. Read a good book. Bill Bryson has some great books, AT HOME is one, ones that are funny and informative. Light reading
  23. See funny movies and comedies
  24. Set your goals for next year before January. Be ready and rested for the New Year!
  25. Use Anchoring, Outcomes, Perceptual Positions to help you manage your states
  26. Have fun!