Over the Top Success Article #1: How People Limit their Success

Many people wish, hope and dream of being successful (by their definition) but fall short of their aspirations. Here are some reasons that stop them from what they want:

1.      Wait for the right time – getting ready but never get going

2.      Wait for enough money

3.      Think that even though what they are doing right now isn’t working, if they keep doing it, it will eventually work

4.      Focus on and complain about things they cannot control

5.      Blame other for their problems or situation

6.      Think they know all they should know about what they are doing

7.      Hang around with people who are less successful than they are

8.      Avoid seeking help when they get discouraged

9.      Give up too soon

10.  Don’t trust themselves to make the right decisions

None of these in and of themselves will hold someone back because they work in a system of ignorance that deludes people into thinking that regardless of how it is now they can make it big with the right idea.

It takes more than the right idea. It takes perseverance, taking responsibility, willingness to take risks, looking to others for guidance, hanging in for the long haul. Many people have good ideas but don’t want to do the work it will take to take those ideas into reality where they make money. Few people who make it big for this reason. One psychologist stated that most people are addicted to mediocrity.

Being successful doesn’t have a time or place and it usually means doing something that doesn’t make sense at the time. Doing the right things in the wrong situation will get you closer to success than the wrong things in the right situation. How do you know which is which? There are plenty of clues found in successful people and most are willing to share what they know. Be smart and start learning from them. Who they are, what they believe, what they know, and what they do are all similar. If you are not getting the results similar to them, then you are NOT doing, believing and have the skills to get the same results.

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