Systemic Change: Why it works and why so many change processes dont’ work

A recent  conversation with a friend of mine brought e  soldification of an idea that has been rolling around in my mind:  Sytemic Change.  Systemic process is an idea that seems to be lost on the general culture.  Lack of systems thinkinng and  process is everywhere. I talk about it in my classes.  NLP embodies systemic change: or at least it did.  One of the fundamental presuppositions of NLP is that Life and Mind are part of the same system. From its very inception NLP was designed to look at the ecology of the change someone is asking for and  what level.

People often look a making a change in their life from only what the problem is.  Problems rarely exist in a void.  Many times they are denerated from a multiple of inputs.  And although when a change is made on the approoriate level it will generate change at levels below it, most people try (the operative word) at a behavioral level.  A change at a behavioral level doesn’t necessarily generated change at other levels.  People think that if they change a behavior that they will get the kind of permanent change they want.  Often it leasds to other changes that need to be made.  It is like a thread unraveling.

Here is how you know if someone is NOT engaged in Systemic Thinking:

1. If they invest they’ll become wealthy. 

2. If they meet Mr./Miss Right they’ll be happpy.

3. If they lose weight they will be happy.

4. If they have the right career, they’ll be happy

5. If they work hard enough they’ll make enough money.

6. If they have the right education they’ll get the right job.

Are you seeing a pattern?