Making Futures Real: Walt Disney’s Strategy

Using NLP Genius Strategies—applying NLP for creating unstoppable outcomes

Don’t You Want to Learn How to Use Advanced NLP to Create a Compelling Future?

How often have you thought…

“One of these days I’m going to…”

“Gee, I wish I could…”

“I know what I would really want to do, but…”

“I have a great idea only I can’t…”

“My goals never seem to show up in the way I wish they would.”

We all have the potential for creating our future from our deepest desires, but in most people the gifts of creative genius remain in the realm of thought. In spite of the power of the tools we use for goal setting: visualizing, dynamic meditation, intention setting it can be frustrating and disappointing when we don’t end up manifesting what we want… BUT some people do! Why is that? The difference is in the way their inner conscious designs a compelling future, a skill that you can learn and use in two remarkable days.

It may be true that we each have differences in education, talents and training we also have something in common, the most important factor of all. We have the gift of using our mind to turn thought energy to substance, ideas to reality, and our passions to productive purpose. That is the essence of our genius.

In This Workshop You Will:

  • Turn Thought Energy to Substance
  • Learn The Disney Goal Strategy
  • Sail through the steps to exceptional outcomes
  • Build in sustainable enthusiasm
  • Storyboard your dream goal
  • Get more done with less resistance
  • Gain clarity and excitement
  • Learn to communicate with Metaphysical Goal Project Mentors
  • Move beyond the ‘4 Constraints’ to create the change you want

Get Out Of Your Head & Get Going

This workshop is designed not just to educate you, but, to bring about the skillful application of what you learned. The exercises are fun and immediately effective. Whether or not you have little or extensive training this opportunity will increase your personal and professional effectiveness.